KTS specializes in the following:

Training in the Explosives Act and Regulations, the Mine, Health and Safety Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act.(Training of Responsible persons as required by the new Explosives Act, 2003)

Training of magazine masters and receivers of explosives.

Training in the identification and safe handling of explosives for pickers and sorters in the explosives industry.

Consultations with regards to compiling of codes of practice and safety procedures.

Improvised Explosive Device awareness

Explosives ordinance disposal

Humanitarian Deming and Battle area clearance

Management and Conveying of Dangerous Goods

Explosives audits and inspections

KTS has a memorandum of understanding with the following companies:

MECHEM, a subsidiary of DENEL (Pty) Ltd, who is an international leader in demining and explosive ordnance disposal.

FC Destructions CC, responsible for transportation, destruction of old / redundant / damaged explosives, transport of explosives and explosives related consultation.

Gilberani Consulting, management services.

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