Solly served in the SA Police Service for 28 years and was stationed at the Reaction unit (SWAT), Detective Service and Security Branch/Crime Intelligence Service, Internal Security and Crime information analysis centre respectively. Solly retired from the SA Police Service in June 2008 with the rank of Colonel.

Solly has extensive experience in the following:

• Crime Prevention

• Crime intelligence gathering

• Investigation of crime

• Project management and management of undercover operations

• Analysis of crime and crime related matters.

• Bomb disposal, demining, explosive ordnance disposal, destruction of explosives, civil blasting and commercial explosive control.

Solly was commander and provincial commander of the following units from 1987 until 2008 respectively:

• A Detective branch.

• Technical support unit.

• Internal security. (Terrorism and counter terrorism)

• Crime Intelligence Gathering (Organised crime).

• Crime Information Analysis Centre.

• Bomb disposal units.

• Inspector of explosives and commercial explosives control

Since 1990 until 1997 he was a bomb disposal operator. From 1993 until 1996 he was the Provincial commander for bomb disposal, commercial explosives control and inspector of explosives for the North West Province. His responsibilities were the co-ordination of all bomb disposal activities in the province and the administration of the bomb data centre. Further the control of commercial explosives at factories and mines as well as the testing and control of civil blasters. He was involved in several bomb related investigation and presented expert evidence in a court of law. He received two national commendations for the rendering safe of IED’s.

Solly is an IMAS level 4 UN accredited EOD operator (IEDD, white phosphorus and Bulk demolitions).

Since 2008 he presented counter IEDD training to members of the Royal Navy of Oman, training of African Union troops in Somalia in the use of a Mechanical bomb arm in support of IEDD/EOD operations and the disruption/ destruction of improvised explosive devises. He presented Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) level 2&3, commercial explosives control and train the trainer (facilitation) training to members of the Namibian Police, private companies and individuals. During 2013 he was the supervisor for EOD operations in Goma, DRC.

Solly is the owner of a company, Knights Training Solutions CC which caters for training in explosives and related matters for the commercial explosives consumers, security, policing and military sectors.

Solly is registered with the Private Security Industry (PSIRA) in the RSA to grade A (Registration Nr. 1744168) and the following specialized fields:

• Banking

• Cash in transit

• Hotel security

• Response security officer

• Retail security officer

• Special events

Solly is registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SASSETA) as an assessor and moderator on 84 unit standards (Ref. Nr. 19A62801002 and 19M62811002 respectively) which include:

• Bomb disposal and Commercial explosives control

• Policing and security related subjects

• Occupational health, safety and environmental principals

• Manage and dealing with dangerous goods

Solly is registered with the Chief Inspector of Explosives, RSA Police Service as a Destruction blaster and Magazine Master (Registration Nr. 28/1/2/1/21984)