Knights Training Solutions CC (2008/155885/3) is an accredited training provider, accreditation number PAA 002280. KTS was established in 2008 by Mr. Hendrik J. (Solly) Solomon, a former colonel in the South African Police Service. Solly has more than 30 years of experience in the field of explosives, Intelligence, safety & security and training. Solly is registered with SASSETA as an assessor and moderator on 84 unit standards (Ref. Nr. 19A62801002 and 19M62811002 respectively) which include:

• Bomb disposal

• Explosive ordnance disposal, demining and battle area clearance

• Commercial explosives control

• Policing and security related subjects

• Firearms control act and proficiency

• Occupational health, safety and environmental principals

• Manage and dealing with dangerous goods


KTS is committed to impart knowledge, skills and practical experience to promote a safe and secure environment.

KTS undertakes to present training in explosives and safety according to local legislation and international standards. This will be achieved by utilizing specialist experience in order to deliver efficient and qualified explosives technicians and managers.


Innovation and Excellence

We rise to opportunities and challenges, we continuously learn, we are innovative and we consistently produce training of distinction and quality.

Empowerment and Recognition

We train people to make things happen, we encourage and support one another when and where needed, and we celebrate successful accomplishment of work.

Respect and Dignity

We value and show consideration for all the people we train, we treat our learners with kindness and thoughtfulness.

Ethics and Integrity

We embrace and practice a moral code of trustworthiness, honesty and truthfulness in everything we say and do, and we honour our promises and commitments.

Ownership and Accountability

We take ownership of our responsibilities and we answer for our decisions and actions.